Quince Pick at Farm Vigano

The Darebin Fruit Squad were invited to beautiful Farm Vigano on Tuesday, to harvest quinces. Six volunteers picked from the 20 quince trees in the farm orchard and came away with 123 kg of fruit! This golden harvest was shared between the DIVRS Food Store, Secondbite and will also contribute to the Quince Preserving Workshop at the Darebin Handmade Food … Read More

Darebin Fruit Squad Harvest Tally, February

4239.24 kg! That’s almost 3 tonne since September 2014. Another big thank you to our fabulous harvest volunteers and our generous householders. ‘Tis the season for exotic fruits such as pomegranates, persimmons, figs, and the slightly less exotic but by no means less delightful, grapes. If you have an excess of any of these beauties and would like to make … Read More

Darebin Fruit Squad; Getting ‘fresh’ with our visitors.

‘Tis a beautiful sight to behold – the DIVRS Food Store fridge packed to the brim with food that has come solely from our own back garden and the immediate neighbourhood! Our magnificent volunteers have been out in the sunshine harvesting, bundling and bagging lettuce, kale, spinach and silver beet and while the greens keep on giving; tomatoes, beans and … Read More