Connecting gardens, groups and growers to create a more resilient food future in Darebin

About Us

The Darebin Food Harvest Network was created to assist and support community groups and individuals in the Darebin community involved in or interested in sustainable food initiatives and / or improving food security.

This website enables community members and the Darebin City Council to collaborate strategically and connect to share experiences, resources and ideas on different initiatives and projects.


Terms of Reference


1. Purpose
The purpose of the Darebin Food Harvest Network (the Network) is to provide the opportunity for Darebin City Council and groups and individuals in the Darebin community to share information, events and resources on sustainable food and food security efficiently and organically. It supports the Darebin Sustainable Food Leaders Forum by providing an additional avenue for forum members to collaborate on improving food access and promoting food cultivation in Darebin.

2. Objectives
The objectives of the Network are to:

  • Provide an on-line resource for members to share information, experiences, skills and ideas related to locally grown / sourced food and community gardening
  • Promote healthy living, social inclusion, local food production and sustainable practices
  • Enable the wider community to share the Network’s sustainable food information, resources and related events

3. Membership
Members of the Network include representatives from community groups, organisations and services that provide support to the Network. These may include:

  • Council
  • Community Gardens
  • Permaculture
  • Horticulture
  • Community or Neighbourhood House
  • Community Health Services / Health Promotion
  • Community Support / Education / Development
  • Policy makers
  • Schools
  • Volunteers
  • Residents

Groups or individuals wishing to become a member should e-mail and provide their details and why they would like to join the Darebin Food Harvest Network. Applicants will be contacted by a Darebin City Council representative regarding the website registration process.

4. Membership Terms and Conditions
The Network provides the opportunity for community groups and individual members within Darebin to collaborate on activities and share information related to sustainable food and food security.

The Network is intended for education and community engagement purposes only.

By registering on and contributing to the Darebin Food Harvest Network website, members are bound by the following terms and conditions

  • Members should follow the website guidelines when entering or updating information to ensure information on the site is presented consistently and is easy to read and access by users.
  • The information, links, resources and events should be relevant to sustainable food and be consistent with the objectives of the Network.
  • Any information entered on the website should be appropriate and factual. Members are responsible keeping all information related to their organisation up to date.

Members should not use the website to:

  • display unsolicited, fraudulent or deceptive information
  • post information which includes but is not limited to intimidating or harassing statements or other material which may lead to civil or criminal action
  • post information or multimedia files which are pornographic, obscene, indecent or which encourage acts which constitute a criminal offence or civil liability
  • post information or material which may contain viruses or other malicious programs and cause harm to user’s access and the general operation of the site.

Any abuse of the website should be reported to Darebin City Council on or by using the Contact Us page of the site

The Darebin City Council reserves the right to:

  • Reject an application for membership of the Darebin Food Harvest Network
  • Remove information which is political, racist, unlawful, threatening, abusive, indecent, pornographic or defamatory
  • Modify the design or service offered on the website at any time for any reason
  • With permission, use information posted on the website by members in advertising, publications and online newsletters
  • Amend the terms and conditions at Councils discretion.

Darebin City Council does not endorse or represent the views of community groups or members listed on the Darebin Food Harvest network website.

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