Food Swaps:  A food swap is a recurring event where members of a local community share excess homemade and homegrown foods and gardening items with each other. This may include herbs, vegetables, fruit, garden seedlings and cuttings, compost and can extend to gardening tips, labour, stories and recipes.
Usually no money exchanges hands and it relies on the honesty of swappers making exchanges which fairly reflect the inherent value placed on the items.
Farmers Markets: These enable people, particularly those living in urban areas, to reconnect with the source of their food – the farmer.  Farmers markets enable farmers to sell directly to their customers, and customers have the opportunity to talk to farmers about where their food has come from and the conditions under which it has been raised or grown. 
See the List of Food Swaps and Farmers Markets in Darebin and surrounds.

2 Comments on “What are Food Swaps & Farmers Markets?”

    1. Hi Blair,

      I just noticed this. Transition Darebin has a monthly food swap on the 2nd Saturday of the month. 11am til 12 noon at 251 High St Northcote in the side garden. Hope to see you next month. A Reservoir Food Swap is currently being considered.
      Cheers, Sheryl Bryce for TD Darebin

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