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Sustainable Gardening Australia Living Soils Workshop

Did you know that 2015 is International Year of Soils? Soil is often an overlooked partner in sustainability but it is instrumental in producing healthy food, fibre, fuel and medicine. Soil supports our planet’s biodiversity and plays an important role in the carbon cycle, climate change and climate adaptation.

Sustainable Gardening Australia is running a training forum on Soil. We will learn about the Soil Food Web and the new NPK (Nutrients, Physical structure and Key biology) which explores the nutrient (chemistry), structural and biological (life) requirements of healthy soils. See the life within real soils samples under a microscope, learn about soil structure and soil pH and find out how to improve your own garden’s soil.

Date:    Saturday 15th August, 2015

Time:   1pm to 4pm

Venue:   Horticultural Centre, 82 Jolimont Road Forest Hills

Cost:    $40 / ticket (plus booking fee)


Gerhard Grasser – Managing Director of AgriSolutions and has been consulting on soil and plant health to the farming community for nearly 30 years. Gerhard is an active partner in a biologically farmed property in Gippsland and is a founder of Tree Preservation Australia.

Matthew Daniel – Is an internationally experienced Arboriculturalist, studied Plant & Soil Health Care for Arboriculture in USA & Australia and is a founder of Tree Preservation Australia.

To find out more information about this forum or make a booking, please click here and click on the forum tile or go to and click on the Training / Forums tab

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