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Case Study – Sylvester Hive Community Garden



A fun day was had by local residents, teachers and students at the launch of the Sylvester Hive Community Garden launch on the grounds of the Pavilion School on Saturday 26 November 2016.

Our very special guest Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia generously shared his insights and experiences on how growing food can bring both gardeners and non-gardeners together through the celebration of natures cycles and seasons, nurturing the soil and the soul. Darebin Council is looking forward to working with local residents and the Pavilion School to support the Sylvester Hive Community Garden as a base to build a healthy, connected and resilient community for years to come!


The Pavilion School is recognised for their work with disengaged young people who have been expelled from mainstream education. They have encouraged informal use of their extensive school ground for recreational activities outside of school hours. They believe student interaction with the broader community is beneficial for students.

There was a community garden down the back of grounds which operated for some time, under the Sustainability Street model without a formal agreement / governance arrangement in place.

GreenStreets Streetscape and UFP Strategies commits council to creating opportunities for community gardens and collaborating with schools – provided the impetus for Council to facilitate a unique 3 way partnership to establish the Sylvester Hive Community Garden at the corner of Dean and Gray Street, Preston

What makes the garden successful?

– Vision / commitment of the school director to the importance and value of school / community connections for building equality and respect.
– Commitment and enthusiasm of the local community! There has been a great turnout to community meetings, resulting in more than 40 people on the mailing list, with at least 10 expressing interest in being on the garden management committee
– A lease agreement is in place between Darebin Council and the Department of Education
– The community group looking after the garden and Darebin Council collaborated to develop A Memorandum of Understanding. This sets out the expectations, roles and responsibilities each party has in the management and operation of the garden

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