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FREE additives for your home compost and garden from Cortado Coffee Roasters!

Alex from Cortado Coffee Roasters, Unit 23/327 Mansfield Street (within the M & M Business Park, cnr of Mansfield St and Matisi St, Thornbury) has excess coffee husks and hessian bags in relatively small quantities, and is keen for interested gardeners or community gardens to come and pick them up from his premises.

If you are interested, you will need to call him first on 9484 9444 to arrange a pick up.

Using coffee husks in your compost and garden

Coffee husks are the bi-product of the coffee roasting process. They are an organic material and as it turns out a great additive in compost and mulch. Sprinkle in thin layers into your compost bin, mix and water in well. If using larger quantities for mulch, it is best to pre-soak the husks and then either mix directly into soil or mix with traditional mulch materials such as pea straw. This is a great way to protect your soil from drying out in summer, as well as adding nutrients.

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