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Food Growing and Darebin Wildlife and Creek Reserves

Darebin has nationally, regionally and locally significant heritage sites which host significant populations of endangered species.

These sites are vulnerable to invasion by exotic (non-indigenous) species, including the seeds of domestic food gardens, which compete for space, nutrients and sunlight.

The Communal Food Garden Assessment Guidelines state that natural conservation areas such as creek banks and native grasslands are not suitable for food growing.

Natural heritage sites may be protected by planning controls:
– Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ) eg. Gresswell Forest Wildlife Reserve, Maclead
– Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) eg. Darebin and Merri Creek corridors
– Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) eg. Bundoora Park

Darebin’s Bushland Crew work with landowners on or close to natural heritage sites and ‘Friends of’ groups to plant indigenous species

For advice on the impacts of food growing / potential food growing sites on natural heritage in Darebin, contact:

Luke Sandham
Coordinator Bushlands Crew
Ph: 8470 8762
Mob: 0419 750 393

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