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Free mushroom mulch!

Call out to all serious gardeners, community gardens and urban/ local farmers!

To minimise waste and support other growers, local mushroom grower Sporadical City Mushrooms is offering a trade of free myclelium mulch in exchange for a few hours labour to empty and clean the spent mushroom buckets.

This certified organic wheat straw has been infused with oyster mushroom mycelium and will help you build the microbiology and organic matter in your soil. Can be applied directly or used in compost or in chicken coups.

This local Darebin micro-farm is located at the Melbourne Food Hub in Alphington.

If you are interested or want to lock in a time (Monday’s work best but can be flexible) please email

Mini mushroom farm tour included with every trade??

2 thoughts on “Free mushroom mulch!

  1. Hi. Is there still a trade possible for cleaning work and mushroom mulch? We’d love to come help. 3 of us.

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