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Darebin Council Plan 2021-2025: Our promise to the community

After seven months of hard work, planning and consulting with community, Darebin City Council is excited to present the new Council Plan 2021-2025 which sets out our promises to the community for the next four years.

The Council Plan 2021-2025 (incorporating our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan) guides how we will work towards the Darebin 2041 Community Vision which was developed by community.

The Council Plan outlines the areas that will be our key focus, what actions we will take, and how we will measure our progress as well as transparently report to our community.

A huge thank you to approximately 3000 residents who gave us feedback and helped us shape and develop these key documents.

We have four directions that will guide our actions and resources over the next four years to ensure Darebin is:
• Vibrant, Respectful and Connected
• Prosperous, Liveable and Flourishing
• Climate, Green and Sustainable
• Responsible, Transparent and Responsive
Under each of these directions, we have set out what we promise to deliver and how.

It’s been a difficult year due to COVID-19 and a key focus of our plan is on recovery. The plan also sets out 10 big actions we’ll undertake ranging from major infrastructure projects, to climate emergency actions, commitment to First Nations, and support for vulnerable communities, among others.

It’s an ambitious plan that lays the groundwork for the Darebin we want to become.

Head to the Darebin Council website to download the full document.

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