Connecting gardens, groups and growers to create a more resilient food future in Darebin

Darebin is proud to be a signatory of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration 2021

Darebin City Council is delighted that the #GlasgowDeclaration is being discussed today in the Multilevel Action Pavilion at #COP26. We signed the Declaration to put sustainable & integrated food system reform at the forefront of the climate debate. #LGMA

As signatory/partner of the #GlasgowDeclaration, Darebin Council understands multi-level governance is needed to transition to sustainable and climate-resilient food systems @nourishscotland @IPESfood @ICLEI #COP26 #TimeForMultiLevelAction

Today at #COP26 @nourishscotland @IPESfood @ICLEI and @scotgov are looking at opportunities for national and international leaders to create policy coherence in food systems interventions, learning from #GlasgowDeclaration signatories. #LGMA

⅓ of GHG emissions are from food systems globally, it’s time for change or risk failing to meet the #ParisAgreement. What can national and international leaders learn from #GlasgowDeclaration cities and regions? #COP26 #LGMA

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