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Darebin Fruit Squad

It happens every year. You can only eat so many peaches and apricots. The rest ends up on the ground.

Instead of putting perfectly good fruit in the green bin, you can help us get fruit to the right place.

The Fruit Squad is our group of trained volunteers who collect leftover fruit from Darebin backyards. These otherwise wasted resources go to locals who struggle to get fresh, nutritious food.

Ways you can get involved and assist:

  1. Sign up your tree if you have excess fruit (We are looking for 20 new householders in Darebin to help us fulfil our fruit needs!)
  2. Sign up as a volunteer picker/fruit transporter
  3. Give away postcards to neighbours with trees that might like to sign up

Please contact us here and let us know how you would like to be involved.

One thought on “Darebin Fruit Squad

  1. My elderly neighbour has a tree of large plump Kalamata olives. I was wondering if someone may assist her in harvesting them? She is happy to give most of them away. She doesn’t want them going to waste.

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