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Did you know that you can recycle your food waste in your green bin?

By July, all residents who use Council’s kerbside waste services will be able to recycle their food scraps and green waste.

Many residents have had a green bin since 2019, but for those that don’t, one will be delivered to you over June and July, along with a free kitchen caddy to make collecting food scraps even easier.

Introducing food and green waste recycling as part of our standard kerbside collection service will help us divert more waste from landfill and turn valuable food and garden waste into compost for use on farms, parks and gardens across Victoria.

Almost half of what currently goes into residents’ garbage bins is food waste. When food ends up in landfill, it has a huge environmental impact and financial cost. The average Victorian household throws out $2,200 worth of food each year – thats $42 per week!

For those that do have a green bin and currently only use it for garden waste, you can also put these items in your bin:

  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • citrus, onion and garlic
  • meat, small bones and seafood
  • coffee grounds and loose tea leaves
  • egg shells
  • cheese
  • bread, pasta and cereal
  • used paper towel and newspaper (for wrapping loose food).

For more information on what you can and can’t recycle, see our A to Z waste and recycling guide or our Food and green waste brochure.

2 thoughts on “Did you know that you can recycle your food waste in your green bin?

  1. I am a long term resident and ratepayer of Darebin. I have also been paying for a green bin for around 14 years.
    When I found out that I was not automatically eligibale for a kitchen caddy – because I HAD been paying for a green bin all these years. I went through the application process to get one.
    I was emailed and advised that they were to be delivered in January. It’s mid-March and I’m still waiting.
    So those residents that, for years, had put their green waste in regular bins were rewarded with a free kitchen caddy, and those us of that did the right thing get nothing. Is that how it goes?

    1. Hi Maria, Very sorry to hear that your free kitchen caddy was not delivered or was stolen. You can collect one from Darebin City Council’s Customer Service Centre at 274 Gower Street, Preston during business hours. Kind regards.

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