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Free bulk coffee grounds!

Are you a home gardener, community garden, urban farm or compost hub looking for materials for your garden?

Alphington-based social enterprise Reground collect ground coffee and chaff from businesses, diverting this resource from landfill to give it new life in the community.

Ground coffee is a great source of nitrogen and other nutrients, and is perfect to use in your compost, soil amendment or gardening project.

How does it work? Sign up and the coffee grounds will be delivered straight to your front yard. The minimum drop-off amount is 800kg, which is roughly 1.2 cubic metres. If that sounds like a lot to you, don’t worry! Ground coffee can be used over many months without going bad or losing any of its benefits.

Register for a free bulk coffee ground delivery here

One thought on “Free bulk coffee grounds!

  1. I am a small home business owner in the Horticulture field. I buy tubestock from wholesalers and pot up. I compost all my garden waste to use in my potting mixes. I could use a regular supply of coffee waste such as grounds and chaff. I live in Wallan just outside your delivery area. I have a ute and able to pick up 1.5 cu every 3 or 4 weeks.

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