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Why can’t I put bags in my food and green waste bin?

It’s important to keep plastic out of your green bin, and to put your scraps in loose, without using bags, including biodegradable or compostable ones.

♻️ When waste is bagged our waste processor Veolia can’t easily check if there are incorrect materials inside – like plastic or glass – that contaminate the process if they are not removed.

♻️ Also, when a bag is tied with a knot, these knots take a long time to break down, sometimes more than a year, which contaminates the compost.

By keeping our food and green waste bins free from biodegradable and compostable bags and packaging, we’re helping our recycling facility ensure only top-quality compost is provided to the Victorian farmers growing the fresh produce we enjoy every day!

For more information about the items that can be disposed of in your food and green waste bin, please visit

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