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Farmer Incubator Soil Management workshops

Join Farmer Incubator for a transformative learning experience on soil management for your home garden or future farm in their brand new series of workshops for all levels 🌱

📅 Sunday 4th June, 2:30-430pm, Bundoora Park Farm

Learn the art of assessing soil conditions in your backyard and why it matters. Discover the resources and techniques for conducting soil tests, interpreting results, and improving soil fertility. We’ll introduce you to essential tools and resources for effective planning, management, and ongoing learning. This workshop is aimed at the home gardener and will equip you with valuable gardening insights for growing food at home.


SOIL MANAGEMENT 2 DAY MASTERCLASS & FIELD TRIP (Intermediate level / aspiring farmer)

Are you an aspiring farmer looking to deepen your knowledge of soil management? Join us for a comprehensive 2-day deep dive into soil management with hands-on learning and take your farming expertise to the next level.

📅 Day 1:  Sunday 4th June 10am to 2pm, Bundoora Park Farm

This open consultancy will equip you with the skills to assess soil conditions before starting works, purchasing property or establishing your farm. Learn how to engage an agronomist effectively, interpret soil test results, and conduct practical field tests to assess soil qualities. Uncover the implications of these findings for your soil management practices.

📅 Day 2: Sunday 11th June 10am-4pm, ECOSS Yarra Valley

Building upon the knowledge gained on Day One, our field trip to Yarra Valley ECOSS will explore the impact of soil type and context on site management. Gain a deeper understanding of soil management principles as we delve into a real-life case study. Discover how different soil conditions require tailored approaches and refine your skills in developing effective soil management plans.


Presenter bio

Ian Mot, Agronomist M.Ag S (Melb Uni), specializing in Soil Health and Plant Nutrition. Discover more about Ian and his expertise at

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