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Get involved with the Sylvester Hive Community Garden

Sylvester Hive is a wonderful community garden in Preston that fosters not only food production but also a sense of togetherness and learning. The garden encourages people to connect with the space and with each other. We promote sharing food, cooking tips, and a deeper understanding of the food that’s grown there.

How to get involved?

  • Communal Gardening: regular gardening days where people can help with weeding and planting.
  • Weekly Dinners: Every Wednesday evening, we host dinners where community members bring food to share, fostering a sense of community and food culture.
  • Workshops and Events: Sylvester Hive frequently organises workshops and events for the Darebin community. These activities include gardening workshops, celebrations and other community-focused events. In November, we will celebrate our 7th Birthday with a BBQ!

To learn more or book a place for events, follow the Sylvester Hive Facebook page or contact us on

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