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Pick up some great FREE additives for your home compost and garden

At Darebin we have been working with two local businesses to help get their valuable waste bi-products into your gardens.  Through this partnership Bundoora Park is now picking up coffee husks from Mocopan (a local coffee roaster) and clean pine and hardwood wood shavings from Charles Sandford Woodturning and Joinery.  Both these products are great additives to the home, school or community garden and they are now available to you. 

To pick up one or more hessian bags of coffee husks or wood shavings for use in your garden go to Bundoora Park Visitor Centre, 1069 Plenty Road, Melways Ref Map 19 F4.  The visitor centre is open 7 days a week from 8.30am – 5.00pm.

You can get in touch with them on p: 8470 8170, e: or go to their website at

Using coffee husks and wood shavings

Coffee husks are the bi-product of the coffee roasting process.  They are an organic material and as it turns out a great additive in composting and mulch. Cultivating Community has been using coffee husks in their composts and gardens with success over the last 12 months.

They have reported that they are a good additive in compost if sprinkled in thin layers, mixed and watered in well.  If using in larger quantities, they suggest you pre-soak the husks/briquettes and then mix in well. If this is done they can also be mixed into the soil or mulch directly as well as the compost.

Wood shavings are an excellent source of carbon to be added to composts.  They can also be used as bedding for many animals including: chickens; guinea pigs; and rabbits.  They can be used alone as a mulch, or mixed in with coffee husks.

Both these products are available free to individuals, schools and community gardens and can be picked up from Bundoora Park Visitor Centre.  See details above.



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