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Sunnyfields Compost and Worm Farming Workshop

We had a blast at Sunnyfields Community garden last Sunday for our composting, worm farming & Bokashi workshop! It was great to see so many people excited to learn about different ways to recycle their food waste in a sustainable way. We talked about how to get started and the pro’s and con’s of each method to help participants decide which style of food waste recycling system was best suited to their lifestyle. There is a system suitable for everyone, regardless of if you live in an apartment or on a farm. Things got really exciting when Jodi brought in her very own worm farm! She showed everyone what they need to start their own worm farm, and how to keep your worms happy and healthy. Everyone got to witness the worms hard at work turning food scraps into fertile worm castings for the garden. By the end of the day everyone was on their way to becoming composting experts and ready to embark on their own food waste missions! There will be a mini version of this workshop at our Open Garden and Food Swap event on November 30th, so make sure to come out if you want to learn more! Click here for details.


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