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Changes to fruit tree netting regulations

The Victorian State Government is introducing new requirements for fruit netting next year to make netting safer for wildlife.

From 1 September 2021, fruit netting with a mesh size of more than 5mm x 5mm at full stretch will not be permitted. If you’re not sure if you have the right netting size, you can use the ‘finger test’ to check – if you can poke your finger through then it is unlikely to be compliant.

White netting is also recommended to make it easier for nocturnally active animals to see and avoid them at night.

If you plan on buying new nets to protect your fruit trees this summer, please look for wildlife friendly netting to avoid the need to replace them when the new regulations come into effect.

When disposing of the old netting, reduce the chance of wildlife entanglements by placing the old netting into a strong biodegradable bag before disposing.

Visit Agriculture Victoria for more information.


3 thoughts on “Changes to fruit tree netting regulations

  1. I have had my fruit trees in my backyard protected by a net 20x20mm , black in colour and sealed all around above walls and sealed at the ground level. I never have had any bird trying to penetrate the net, sometimes they land on top to rest and then they fly away. I love and protect anymals, but not creating regulations beyond any logic, attached to an assessment of possible endangering birds that simply is not realistic.
    The white net of milimeter density is only dirrected to prevent access of polinating bees to the fruit tree flowers. The bees will attempt anyway to reach to the tree flowers only to get entangled and killed. The story of birds entangled in 20x20mm netting is a tale that never has had any proof and it seems to have some dubious origin like Hitchcock horror movies.
    I would like to have on your website some real proof of birds entangled in suburban fruit tree netting and some real statistic of birds harmed in the wide opening netting of large fruit tree plantations in Australia. Killing bees is just not in line with the care for ALL creatures around the people in Australia.

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