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DIVRS Urban Food Program – looking for fruit trees and new growing spaces!

DIVRS have just recruited a bunch of new and enthusiastic volunteers and now they need more growing spaces and fruit trees to harvest, which will contribute to food relief for the vulnerable in our community.

Darebin Fruit Squad Households

Do you have established fruit trees that you are too busy to harvest, or perhaps your trees are producing fruit surplus to your needs? DIVRS need new households with productive fruit trees to sign up to become a Fruit Squad Household. Volunteers will  come to your garden and harvest your fruit trees for you, and the bounty will go into food packages for vulnerable people experiencing food insecurity. Register here to have fruit picked at your place.

DIVRS looking for more growing spaces

Do you have under utilised space in your community garden, business or organisation that you would like used to grow food? DIVRS are looking for large growing spaces to help them alleviate food insecurity in our community. Volunteers will be allocated to manage the space and the produce grown will go towards emergency food relief. If you have garden space to spare, please contact Vanessa at

Darebin Veg Squad

DIVRS are looking for more Veg Squad home growers for two projects. You will be provided with free seedlings to grow in your home garden as well as advice on growing and supporting your foster plants. When its time to harvest, you are asked to donate a portion for DIVRS food relief packages – and you eat the rest!

1. Choko Project

DIVRS are seeking local gardeners to grow choko seedlings in their home gardens. Choko vines need trellis support and are well suited to planting along a wall or fence.

2. Spring onion ‘grow again’ project’

DIVRS are partnering with Reservoir restaurant Chan VS Chan to give spring onions a second life. Plant the donated spring onions roots that would otherwise go to waste, and size spring onions can be harvested within 6 weeks.

Sign up to become a Veg Squad volunteer and help grow chokos or spring onions at home by registering here, and let them know which project you want to join.


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