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Don’t throw out your old fridge!

Fridges are a critical part of our food storage system. They also use a significant amount of energy and contain refrigerative gases, some of which can be potent greenhouse gases. That is why you always want to ensure your old fridges are not only recycled, but also safely degassed, to capture these refrigerative gases and stop then ending up in the atmosphere.

Whilst fridges and freezers are not accepted in Darebin’s hard waste collection, we are currently offering a limited number of subsidised fridge collections through local social enterprise, Green Earth Recycle.

Collected fridges are refurbished for re-sale, if this is a viable option, and if not, safely degassed and recycled. All options supporting the local circular economy.

The standard collection fee is $40. To request a quote, contact 0406 820 949 or email

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