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WANGIM Cup has saved over 50,000 single use coffee cups from landfill

Let’s enjoy coffee without the waste. WANGIM Cup is a circular economy, zero waste, reusable coffee cup initiative of the Darebin Zero Waste Business Network that has been proudly supported by Darebin Council. ‘WANGIM’ is the Wurundjeri word for ‘boomerang’, which captures the idea of a cycle of reusable cups that are borrowed, used and returned.

WANGIM Cup was launched in 2021 and grown to include 25 local cafes from across all Darebin suburbs. When visiting these cafes if you order your coffee and don’t have a reusable cup with you, you can simply borrow a WANGIM cup. It is no extra cost and all you need to do is return the cup to any participating WANGIM cafe.

Find your nearest WANGIM Café here and if your favourite café isn’t on the list ask them to email to join.

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