Sustainable Food Leaders Forum 28 August 2019

We had more than 25  passionate community members join us for a great evening of discussion and networking at the Sustainable Food Leaders Forum on Wednesday 28 August, 2019 The forum was an opportunity to have groups discuss and share their ideas and suggestions for the messaging and promotion of Councils new food waste recycling service. We also heard from two community … Read More

Community Gardens unpacked at the Sustainable Food Leaders Forum 6 March, 2019

We had 20 passionate community members join us for a great evening of discussion and networking at the Community Garden themed Sustainable Food Leaders Forum on Wednesday 6 March, 2019 The forum was an opportunity to have groups discuss and share their different approach and experiences. We had a good cross section of current community garden members, those looking to … Read More

Darebin ‘Café to Garden’ Program diverts coffee grounds from landfill

The ‘Café to Garden’ program enables residents to pick up coffee grounds from participating Darebin businesses to take home and add to home compost and worm farms. Some of these businesses are happy for customers/residents to pick up other organic food waste, and at Red Bean Coffee you can pick up coffee husks and hessian bags as well as coffee grounds. … Read More

Backyard Harvest Festival is being held from 4 – 19 May

The Backyard Harvest Festival is a celebration of home food growing traditions, and gives residents the opportunity to learn from passionate and knowledgeable local food experts from a diversity of cultures. The festival involved opening home food gardens for tours and workshops, to help build a strong sense of community around homegrown and homemade food. To enable festival goers to experience … Read More

Fruit Squad Feature on ABC Gardening Australia!

DIVRS’s ‘Fruit Squad’ were featured on ABC’s Gardening Australia on Friday 23 March, 2018! Martin O’Callaghan and the Fruit Squad volunteers did a fantastic job telling the inspiring story of redistributing healthy fresh fruit to those in need, building a sense of community and avoiding food waste. See the complete episode below.      

Darebin Fruit Squad ‘Harvesting the Urban Orchard’ program proud finalist in Sustainable Cities Environmental awards

It was with great excitement that volunteers from DIVRS’s Urban Food Program who volunteer for the Darebin Fruit Squad attended Sustainable Cities, Keep Victoria Beautiful, awards night at the Collingwood Town Hall last month. ‘Each year the Sustainable Cities program encourages and celebrates the achievements of metropolitan communities across the state who develop and run programs that contribute to a … Read More

Food Growing and Darebin Wildlife and Creek Reserves

Darebin has nationally, regionally and locally significant heritage sites which host significant populations of endangered species. These sites are vulnerable to invasion by exotic (non-indigenous) species, including the seeds of domestic food gardens, which compete for space, nutrients and sunlight. The Communal Food Garden Assessment Guidelines state that natural conservation areas such as creek banks and native grasslands are not … Read More


Darebin Fruit Squad cracks the 8 ton mark. Citrus season has come with an arborial rush this season with oranges, lemons and grapefruit pouring through our doors to push our tally to 8,012 kg of fruit harvested by our hard working volunteers.

DIVRS Urban Food Social Enterprise

DIVRS Urban Food Social Enterprise is up and running with its third farmer’s market stall this Saturday 24th June. We will be selling heritage varieties of this season’s seedlings; broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce and kale, as well as apple trees and succulents. Come along to Coburg North Primary School, 180 O’Hea Street, and say hi!