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Backyard Harvest Stories

Backyard Harvest Stories has now come to an end. Over the last two months while we have been asked to spend more time at home, Darebin Council has been encouraging residents to get in their gardens and share their photos and videos online with the hashtag #darebinbackyardharvest. We’ve seen an abundance of photos, videos, chicken selfies and garden tours, which captured and celebrated Darebin’s fantastic food growing culture for all to see. Anna Applebee was the lucky winner of David Holmgren’s fantastic RetroSuburbia book. Clare Harvey also won a compost aerater for her inspiring urban farming photos and romanesco broccoli fractals!

As part of the project we also grew a fantastic collection of gardening tutorials from local food gardeners and experts, to support people to grow food and learn a new skill. These videos will be uploaded onto Darebin Council’s Youtube channel shortly, or you can watch them on the links below.

Even though the main part of the project is over, we’d still love you to continue sharing photos of your backyard harvest using our hashtag #darebinbackyardharvest to inspire and connect with other local growers! We’d love to see you preparing for your summer garden. Check out these great shots and Happy Gardening!

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